Time used to move a lot slower in the Land of Stories than in Our World, explaining why the fairytales are already so old when in the Land of Stories they happened only a few years ago. This stopped when Alex & Conner were born, connecting both worlds[1].


Our World Edit

  • The Dark Ages: Ezmia is found by the Fairy Godmother and taken to the Land of Stories.[2]
  • 1811: The Brothers Grimm are kidnapped by General Marquis and threatened to reveal the way to the Land of Stories. The Grand Armée enters the portal and remains their for 200 years.
  • After Mr. and Mrs. Bailey meet, they don't see each other for 3 years before getting married[3].
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bailey were married for 12 years before Mr Bailey died.
  • Mr Bailey dies a few days before the twins' 11th birthday[4].
  • The events of The Enchantress Returns take place "roughly one year[5]" after The Wishing Spell.
  • If the portal's magic stays the Grand Armée for exactly 200 years, A Grimm Warning takes place in 2011, setting The Wishing Spell in 2009, and The Enchantress Returns in 2010.

The Land of Stories Edit

Had 3 eras[6]; the Dragon Age, the Age of Magic and the Golden Age. The well-known fairy-tales all take place during the Golden Age.

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