The Troll and Goblin Territory is once of the Kingdoms in The Land of Stories. It is under the ground.


The Territory is ruled by the Troll King and Goblin King. Once they catch people and make them to slaves but The Fairy Council stopped that. They make a wall of Gigantic Stones that have to keep the trolls and goblins in their territory. But than they ride bewind it and found just an other entrance.


Above the ground the territory is only mest and gargage. Old food and dead slaves. A tunnel go to the real kingdom under the ground. Their come tunnels out of these tunnel so the trolls can come anywhere in The Land Of Stories . These tunnels are made by thousend of slaves. At the end of the tunnel there is a port to the city with statues of the kings. Then there is the throne room with a platform for the kings. They only have one crown. Anywhere the ugly trolls and goblins are eating grose. The servants by the diner are also slaves. Trolbella the daughter of the troll king is here evry day boiring enough.