The Center Kingdom (previously the Red Riding Hood Kingdom, and then the Bo Peep Republic) is the smallest but safest kingdom out the others.

The Kingdom is surrounded by a huge wall and consists mostly of farmland and has only one village. It is full of different nursery rhymes such as 'Little Bo Peep', and "Jack and Jill." And also the Wall of Humpty Dumpty. In the middle of the capital there is an statue in a fountain of the Boy Who Cried Wolf, the inscription under it reads, "You were a liar, but you were loved." The Three Little Pigs also live here. There is an inn in the form of a shoe called the Shoe Inn.

The kingdom's castle is the smallest out of the others, It is built to look big far away but getting closer it looks
smaller. The castle's moat is so small that one of the twins could easily step over it.

The castle was quickly built therefore leaving out alot of basic necessities, Such as the kitchen windows are missing locks on them which was used to break into the castle by Conner and Alex.

The inside of the castle is described as shorter then Cinderella's palace and not as nice furniture, The walls are also decorated with various portraits of Queen Red Riding Hood. One where she is almost naked. There is a ballroom and a throne room and a bedroom a room for all the baskets the queen had from holidays and birthdays. It is also connected with a little forest with the house of Granny. Jack also lives there with the harp, in a mansion behind a tiny hut next to the Beanstalk.

Major PlacesEdit

The House of ProgressEdit

The House of Progress is a building highly based on Congress' main building. It is noted to have 2 paintings of Red Riding Hood, especially dramatic, one of her speaking to her people before setting off on the HMS Granny, the other of her refusing to surrender her kingdom to the Enchantress. There's also a huge statue of Red sitting on her throne, looking exactly like the Lincoln Memorial.


Before becoming the kingdom it is today, the Center Kingdom was originally part of the Northern Kingdom. But during the C.R.A.W.L. Revolution the villagers revolted and Red Riding Hood was elected queen.

After that, Little Bo Peep revolted at the kingdom and demanded an election, and in the end was elected queen. But after she died, the kingdom got another election and Prince Charlie (AKA Froggy).

Soon after, Froggy was taken by Morina, and the people felt so sorry for Queen Red, that she got her kingdom back.