Fairy Kingdom

The Fairy Kingdom is a little but beautiful kingdom on the east south of the Land of Stories. This is the place where the Fairy Council is and where the Assembly of Happily Ever After sits. It is an important Kingdom for the whole assembly. In The East there is the mermaid Bay and in the West there is the Charming Kingdom. In North there is the Troll and Goblin Territory.

It is a beautifal place with some rivers and there are flowers everywhere. There is a river called River of Thumbelina and there are unicorns. In the middle there is the fairy palace. A golden palace with no doors. Every room had no more than 2 walls and everyone may come in. In one room there is the fairy council. Seven fairy (Six women and one single man) Rosette, Tangerina, Xanthous, Emeralda, Violet, Skylene and Coral. Sometime there is also The Fairy Godmother of Cinderella and Mother Goose but their always away helping people. There is also a room for Alexandra when she study to becam the next fairy godmother.

The only kwown inhabitants of the kingdom are: Rosette, Tangerina, Xanthous, Emeralda, Violet, Skylene, Coral, Trix and The Walking Fish. They are also many other unnamed fairies in different shapes in sizes as well as unicorns.