This is the castle located in the north of the sleeping kingdom. This is the castle where the Enchantress lived and where Evly (The Evil Queen) hided herself when she escaped her dungeon with help of Snow White.



It has a wall around it and has two buildings: a tall tower and a head building with two towers connected by a viaduct.


Ground floor: Of the head entrance there is an corridor. (The head entrance is in a corner.) When you go left, you go to the dungeons where the slaves once where. If you go right you go to the staircase that leads to the first, second, third, fourth and fith floor. Somewhere in the corridor there is an door that leads to the throne room.

First floor: Unknown

Second floor: Here is the viaduct that connects the two buildings.

Third floor: Unknown

Fifth floor: On the fith floor there is an staircase that leads to a tower with an sixth and seventh floor.

Sixth floor: Unknown

Seventh Floor: Unknown


  • The Enchantress/Ezmia
  • Evly
  • Mira
  • Huntsman
  • Huntsman's daughter