The Dwarf ForestsEdit

The Dwarf Forests are a kingless kingdom, located in the West of the Land of Stories. In this kingdom there are a lot of mines where dwarfs work for their livelihood, and the main population is the population of dwarfs. Most of the citizens of Happily Ever After Assembly see the Dwarf Forests as a dangerous place. The kingdon is full of thieves and fugitives. It's a place where people go when they don't want to be found.

;) The witch of Hansel and Gretel lives here. But now she is a vegetarian, although this was just Conner's wish so it may not happen. He also said that the witch should turn her gingerbread house into a gym. But, the witch could’ve just used that gym to lure people even more

There is also an old house where Goldilocks hides just one mile by the corner kingdom