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The Beast is a character from the well-known french fairytale "The Beauty and the Beast"[1] and refers to a king who was cursed to live out his days as a beast until a woman appeared who fell in love with him despite his monsterous looks.

In the Land of Stories series, he is also referred to as The King. He does not appear but is mentioned with regards to Ezmia' past. He is one of her former lovers and his soul is trapped in a jar on Ezmia's mantlepiece. He is the "man who didn't love [Ezmia] enough".[2]

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Jars of souls

Fanart by Este & Nel; the King / Beast is on the far right.

He is not described, only mentioned. Also referred to as "The King". He is Queen Sleeping Beauty's grandfather and husband of the Lady of the East.

He became Ezmia's best friend, but did not return her love romantically. She tried a love potion on him, but it didn't work, and after an argument, she bewitched him and turned him into a beast. 

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