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The Baileys' new house is a (smaller) rental house a little way down the street from their old house. It is twice as far a walk from school.

"It was a boring home with brown walls and a flat roof. Windows were few, and the front yard consisted only of a plain grass lawn that was barely alive because the sprinklers didn't work. The baileys' home was cozy but cluttered. They had more furniture than they had room for, and none of it matched the house because it was never intended to. Even though they had lived here for more than half a year, unpacked boxes were still lined up against the walls."[1]

The twins have separate bedrooms.

Alex's room Edit

"Alex's bedroom could have been mistaken for a library if it weren't for the bright yellow bed tucked away in the corner[2]."

Conner's room Edit

"Conner's bedroom was more like a cave, in which he appropriately hibernated whenever he could. It was dark and messy; patches of carpet could be seen in between piles of dirty clothes. A half-eaten grilled cheese sandwich rested on the floor and had been there far too long for anyone's peace of mind[3]."

After the events of The Enchantress Returns, Conner and his mother Charlotte move into Dr. Bob's house on Sycamore Drive.[4]

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