"It was ancient and made of dark bricks, wooden doors, and had been through years of decay. […] The inside of the castle was covered in a thick layer of dust. Cobwebs almost as old as the castle were on every windowsill, even though there were no spiders to be found. All the rooms and corridors were empty except for the occasional decrepit chair or table placed in a corner. A great hall completed the eastern wing of the castle. Floor-length windows bordered the hall, letting in a lot of light, but they were so old that the glass distorted the outside world."[1]

Description Edit

At the northern tip of the Sleeping Kingdom, an ugly and vacant place with stony grounds and high cliffs. It is the hiding place of the Evil Queen in The Wishing Spell. The castle is destroyed in the final battle of the book and collapses into ruins. In The Enchantress Returns, the twins visit the ruins to find shards of the Evil Queen's Magic Mirror there.

References Edit

  1. TLOS I, ch 8, p 151
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