"Snow White's Palace sat on the edge of Swan Lake. It was short but wide with tan marble walls, dark green domes, and several colorful stained glass windows, including an especially large one shaped as a bright red apple."[1]

Description Edit

Queen Snow White's Palace, situated in the Northern Kingdom.

The Palace : The palace has been built far away from the villages and towns, and Swan Lake forms part of its moat. There is a hidden gate at the bottom of the palace that the moat runs through. It is right by the dungeon and is used to transport prisoners into and out of the palace by boat.[2] The palace has an enormous library and a table in the dining hall to accommodate dwarfs.[3]

Palace prison : where the Evil Queen and various other criminals were kept. It is described as a "miserable place" with scarce light and foul water dripping inside from the moat and rats running around.[4]

Secret storage room : this used to be the Evil Queen's private chamber on the third floor. The entrance is on the second floor, behind a portrait of the Evil Queen just past the large grand staircase off the main entrance.

"The whole room was filled with old furniture covered in white sheets and old trunks and chests. The portrait the twins had climbed through was the only painting hung on the walls; the rest were stacked in piles against the walls around the room. The room was long and had a set of heavy double doors at one end and a raised platform with a curtain around it at the other. The twins knew without a doubt that this place was where the Evil Queen had kept her magic mirrors."[5]

When the twins search the room for Snow White's coffin, they stumble upon a stack of parchments that turns out to be correspondence between Evly and Mira.

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