This is the Royal Palace of the Sleeping Kingdom. It was formerly called the Eastern Kingdom.


It is a very high building with twelve towers. It is pink with silver roofs.


On the ground floor there is an entrance with a corridor that leads to the throne room. There is an way out but nobody knows where that is. On the first floor there is the dining room for great banquets. There is an staircase behind that leads to the private rooms of Queen Sleeping Beauty. Somewhere in the castle the corridor ends dead end there is a black door with an staircase behind. That staircase leads to the highest tower of the castle. That room have a gigantic bed and a spinning wheel. There is a balcony all around the room. The castle has a secret escape.


Sleeping Beauty: the queen today.

Princess Ash: The adopted daughter of Sleeping Beauty

Chase Charming: the husband of Sleeping Beauty.

Royal Advisor:The advisor of the King and queen.