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Sir Lampton is an original character from The Land of Stories series. He first appears in The Wishing Spell, ch 9. He is the Head of Queen Cinderella's Royal Guard of the Charming Kingdom.

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"He wore more badges on his uniform than any of the other guards, and he had a very thin, dark beard."[1]

Sir Lampton catches the twins trying to sneak into the palace and offers to show them around. He tells them about the castle and its inhabitants. Later in the book, it turns out he is the one who secretly puts Cinderella's glass slipper into their backpack to help. He explains that he knew their father growing up, and recognised them straight away.[2]

In The Enchantress Returns, he guards the twins in the Real World / Otherworld in the guise of a dog - see Buster.

In A Grimm Warning, he rallies the Charming Soldiers to fight against the Grande Armée. His speech inspires the civilians of the kingdom to join the fight as well.[3]

In Beyond the Kingdoms, it is mentioned that he has been helping the twins find the Masked Man before the events of the book take place.[4] He and his army suffer great losses when the Winkies attack the Charming Kingdom, but he and his men manage to escape and are hiding in the forest with Sir Grant and his men.[5]

Quotes Edit

"Let's be the first ones to show these monsters that the Charming Kingdom is not for sale! Let's give them a taste of the Charming Army so they cower in fear when our brothers return from hiding to finish them off!"[6]

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