"The castle looked massive from far away. However, as the twins moved closer to it, they realized it wasn't very big at all; it was just built to look bog. The moat around it was so small that one of the twins could have easily stepped over it."[1]

"It felt like a condensed version of Cinderella's palace. The halls weren't quite as long, and the furniture wasn't quite as nice."[2]

Description Edit

Queen Red Riding Hood’s castle was the main location in the Red Riding Hood kingdom. It had a view of the park, four tall towers and red walls with dark red roofs. A moat circled the castle and had its own water mill. It was built very quickly after the C.R.A.W.L. Revolution, so the builders forgot some basic necessities; for example, the kitchen windows in the back of the castle had no locks on them. The hallways were decorated with large portraits of the queen. After it is burned by the Huntress, Queen Red has it rebuilt, using the other Queens’ castles as inspiration. (see: Queen Red's new castle)

Red's Basket Room : where Red kept all the baskets given to her by Jack and other visitors. It goes up in flames when the Huntress kicks a lantern into the baskets in ch 10 of The Wishing Spell. The fire ends up burning the entire castle down.

"The room was filled from floor to ceiling with thousands and thousands of baskets. Some were on shelves, some were stacked neatly, and others were just piled around the room. The handmaiden tossed the basket from Jack in a pile on one side of the room. "The Queen gets them for birthdays, holidays and any special occasions," the handmaiden said. "Some are from villagers, some from friends, others are from the monarchs of neighbouring kingdoms."[3]

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