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The Princess of the Pea is a character from a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen about a young woman who is 'proven' to be of royal blood because she is so sensitive she can feel a single pea that was hidden under her mattress.

She does not appear in the Land of Stories series but is mentioned by Evly and Ezmia. She is Evly's mother, and in this version, is actually not of royal blood. She was a village girl looking for shelter at the Charming castle when King Chester was still a prince. He fell in love with her and could not marry her unless he proved she was of royal blood, so he put a pea under her mattress, claiming only a princess could have felt the imperfection. He proposed after she complained of a restless night, but she refused. Her restless night was due to a pregnancy, and she fled and had the child (Evly) in a village, dying in childbirth. She had been approached by Ezmia to give her the child in return for riches and initially agreed, but backed out of the deal shortly before the child was born.[1]

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She is not physically described in the books. It is only said she refused King Chester out of shame for being pregnant out of wedlock.

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