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Mrs. Campbell is an original character from The Land of Stories series. She first appears in Beyond the Kingdoms. She is Bree's mother. Mrs. Campbell has 3 other daughters. Bree is her eldest child.[1]

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Mrs. Campbell makes Bree organize their attic as part of her punishment for running away with Conner in A Grimm Warning. It is the last chore she makes Bree do, because they are running out of chores to give to her sister.[2] When Bree finds some things that belonged to her grandmother, Mrs. Campbell tells her that Bree's father and his brothers used to refer to her grandma's living companions as her 'coven'. She then assures Bree that witches don't exist, but Bree is determined to find out more.

Quotes Edit

"I love all you girls equally, but you're my smart daughter. What were you thinking running around Europe?"[3]

References Edit

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