Mother Goose is a member of the Happily Ever After Assembly She is the owner of Lester, the Goose. She also officiated the wedding of Jack and Goldilocks in A Grimm Warning.

Appearence & PersonalityEdit

Mother Goose was a short, stout elderly woman. She had curly gray hair under a pointed black pilgrim hat that had a silver buckle on the front. She wore a baggy green dress with a white ruffled collar, large boots, and thick aviator goggles around her eyes. She always carried round a hip-flask.

She is also described as being a handful. Mother Goose is also very drunk. She has interest in gambling and she was once the fairy godmothers heir. 


The FrenchEdit

Mother Goose played a big part in the Arme attacking.She was captured by the General two hundred years before the attack.She did not tell everyone about the incedient.She only confessed when the Arme was already in The Land Stories.

The Land Of Stories : The Enchantress ReturnsEdit

Mother Goose is also one of the many characters that were captured by Ezmia.