King Chandler Charming
Prince Chandler Charming
Fanart by JWMelmoth
Vital statistics
Title King of The Northern Kingdom
Gender Male
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Background Edit

King Chandler Charming is the well-known fairy tale character also named "Prince Charming" from the fairy tale Snow White, who wakes Snow White from her death-like sleep with a kiss.

At the start of The Wishing Spell, King Chandler Charming and Queen Snow White are married.

Appearance and Personality Edit

"Chandler looked like his brothers, but had the longest hair of all of them."[1]

In Beyond the Kingdoms, he is referred to once as "King Chandelier", though this is most likely a typo/autocorrect.[2]

Relationships Edit

King Chandler Charming is the third-born son of King Chester Charming. His brothers are all "Princes Charmings" from other well-known fairytales (...and then there's Froggy).

Story Edit

King Chandler does not play a very large part in the books. He is mostly just mentioned as being "by Queen Snow White's side". He is captured by Ezmia along with the other kings and queens in The Enchantress Returns, and rescued by Alex. In A Grimm Warning, he joins the other royals on the hidden path and is captured by the Grande Armée when they are betrayed. He fights alongside his brothers in the battle against the army.

In Beyond the Kingdoms, he attends Red and Froggy's (almost) wedding.[3] Later, Sir Grant mentions that he and Queen Snow White were kidnapped by Hook's pirates.[4]

Quotes Edit

"We won't let this witch take our brother from us again."[5]

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