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Background Edit

Mr. John Bailey is an original character from The Land of Stories series.

He is Alex' and Conner's father. At the start of The Wishing Spell, they believe he "grew up in the woods[1]" with their grandmother. They later find out he is from The Land of Stories and was born in the Charming Kingdom. Mr. Bailey died in a car-accident a few days before the twins' eleventh birthday.

 Appearance and PersonalityEdit

"He was a tall man with kind eyes that would wrinkle whenever he smiled, and he smiled quite a bit, especially when he was teasing the twins."[2]

Mr. Bailey owned a bookstore called Bailey's Books, which was sold after his death. He is described as a kind and loving father who always made time for his children, to listen to their problems, cheer them up, or read fairy tales to them. He told them many stories of his own as well. The twins first assume he made these stories up, but later discover that the places and characters he talked about actually exist in the Land of Stories.

On the very last page of A Grimm Warning, Alex sees the face of one of their foes, the Masked Man, and believes it is their father. In Beyond the Kingdoms, she finds out the Masked Man is actually her uncle.

Relationships Edit

Mr. Bailey met his wife Charlotte Bailey while he was traveling with his mother. He fell in love, but his mother took him back to the Land of Stories and did not allow him to return to her world. He decided to use the Wishing Spell to return to her. They were married for twelve years.[3] The twins later come by his journal and, with the help of his descriptions, attempt to use the spell to the same end as well.

He has a younger brother called Lloyd (the Masked Man), who used to resent him because he thought their mother loved John more than him.[4] Lloyd tells Moriana that John was destined to take his mother's place as the Head of the Fairy Council and was known as her heir of magic before he died.[5]

Story Edit

1. The Wishing Edit

Mr. Bailey only appears in the twins' flashbacks (ch 1) and his journal.

2. The Enchantress Returns Edit


3. A Grimm Warning Edit


4. Beyond the Kingdoms Edit


Quotes Edit

"Right now, we're living in an ugly chapter of our lives, but books always get better!"[6]

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