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Background Edit

The Huntsman is a character from the well-known fairy tale Snow White, who is instructed by the Evil Queen to kill Snow White but urges her to flee instead, presenting the Evil Queen with an animal's heart as "proof" of Snow White's death.

In The Wishing Spell, which takes place long after Snow White has married her prince, he is called on by the Evil Queen again, this time to aid her with the Wishing Spell.

Appearance and Personality Edit

"He was tall, broad, and just on the verge of old age. He wore a variety of animal skins and had a limp in his right leg. His beard was light brown and graying. A crossbow was attached to his back, and a large hunting knife hung from his waist."[1]

The Huntsman was once enslaved by the Enchantress. The Evil Queen freed him. When he meets her again in The Wishing Spell, he apologises for not having been able to kill Snow White, and is grateful at being given another chance at helping her to prove his allegiance.[2]

Relationships Edit

The Huntsman has a daughter, who takes her father's place as the Evil Queen's Huntress.

Story Edit

1. The Wishing Spell Edit

The Huntsman offers the Evil Queen the service of his daughter, as he is too old to retrieve the items of the Wishing Spell himself. He does stay by the Evil Queen's side. In the final battle over the Wishing Spell, he is killed by one of his own arrows as it bounces off a wall.[3]

Quotes Edit

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References Edit

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