Painted cottage in the town with Neuschwanstein in the background

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"Hohenschwangau was an incredibly tiny place and mainly consisted of restaurants, inns, and souvenir shops for tourists visiting Neuschwanstein. The village was also home to another, smaller and older castle that sat on a hill across from Neuschwanstein. It was square and golden and almost completely forgotten by the travellers roaming the village."[1]

Hohenschwangau is a village in Bavaria, Germany. In A Grimm Warning, Conner and Bree drive here by bike from Munich in order to get to Neuschwanstein castle. They make a plan to sneak along with a guided tour and then hide in the castle until nightfall, but the tours are all sold out that day. Then they meet Emmerich, a local boy, who helps them get into the castle.

The other castle that is mentioned in the quote above is Hohenschwangau Castle. It is said to receive over 300,000 visitors a year.[2]

Emmerich lives in the village with his mother.

References Edit

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