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Hans Christian Andersen is an historical figure from the 19th century, mostly known for his published collections of fairy tales. For more on the real Hans Christian Andersen, go here.

Hans appears as fictional version of himself in the prologue of Beyond the Kingdoms, where he is friends with the Fairy Godmother, getting his writing material and inspiration from her.

Appearance and Personality Edit

"He was easily recognizable to the other pedestrians as he walked down the street. after a quick glance of his prominent nose and thin stature, there was no denying the famed author was among them."[1]

He is mentioned to have gone to a "terrible school in Elisnore" and was about to give up writing when he met the Fairy Godmother. He adapted the stories she told him to the spirit of his own times by adding elements of religion.[2]

He enjoys the Langeline promenade in Denmark because it inspires him and reminds him of his childhood. He occasionally meets the Fairy Godmother there. When she tells him about her problems with her son Llyod, he gives her the idea for the Portal Potion.[3]

Quotes Edit

"Some days words flow through me like the Nile, and other days I am as dry as the Sahara."[4]

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