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Background Edit

Hagetta is an original character from the Land of Stories series. She first appears in chapter 25 of A Grimm Warning. Hagetta is a witch (though she prefers the term "healer") and heals Alex, Conner and Lester after they are wounded at the attack on the Elf Empire.

Appearance and Personality Edit

"The woman was middle-aged and wore dark red robes. Her hair was the same color as her robes and she had bright green eyes."[1]

Hagetta is the witch Hagatha's "much younger" sister. Hagatha taught her about witchcraft, but they parted ways shortly before Hagatha died because Hagetta wasn't interested in dark magic. She lives in a cottage in the Dwarf Forests.

Hagetta attended Jack and Goldilocks' wedding. She met Goldilocks when Goldie was a young girl and tried to rob Hagetta. Later, Hagettta healed her and gave her her first sword. In return, Goldilocks saved her life a few years later. Since then Hagetta has tried to assist everyone who needed help.[2]

She once sold a potion to Little Bo Peep to help keep her awake so she wouldn't lose any sheep again, and Little Bo became addicted to the easy solutions magic could bring her, repeatedly coming back for more potions and spells. Hagetta also helped her when she became romantically involved with the Masked Man; she delivered their child and took the child to a safe place. She also gave Little Bo a magical mirror to communicate with the Masked Man in Pinocchio Prison.

The only time Hagetta performed dark magic was when she cut out a small piece of Little Bo's heart to take away her heartbreak and turned it to stone[3], using the same magic that Hagatha uses with Evly's entire heart.[4]

Hagetta makes a re-appearance in the Beyond the Kingdoms, where she tries to reason with the other witches to not take the Masked Man's side. She helps Alex and Conner in their quest to find the Masked Man, guarding over the portal book they use to travel.

From the way the other witches react to her presence at the monthly witches' meeting at Dead Man's Creek, it is clear that she usually doesn't attend their meetings and isn't very popular among the witches. Charcoaline says: "She's an embarrassment to all real witches."[5]

Quotes Edit

"All it takes is one bad apple to disgrace a whole tree. I come from a very long line of witches and I've only ever heard of one witch who eats children- but thanks to the story 'Hansel and Gretel', the whole world thinks all of us live in gingerbread houses and lure innocent youths to their deaths."[6]

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