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Background Edit

The Witch Hagatha is an original character from The Land of Stories series. She is mentioned in Mr. Bailey's travel journal and by Ezmia, but died before the events of The Wishing Spell.

Appearance and Personality Edit

"She looked like a human tree stump. She was short and wore a brown hooded cloak. Deep wrinkles circled her face, and one of her eyes was squinted. Her nose was one of the smallest I had ever seen and was neighbored by a gigantic mole."[1]

Hagatha performs magic in return for payment; she charges Mr. Bailey 15 gold coins for her knowledge about the Wishing Spell.

She is described by Ezmia as a cruel person, treating her horribly and taking advantage of her. Ezmia tells Alex and Conner she eventually stood up to her and pushed her into the Thornbush Pit.[2] The Traveling Tradesman claims she died simply by falling into the pit, but not after she called for help for days[3].[4]

She appears as a ghost towards the end of The Enchantress Returns and tells the twins how she once taught Ezmia how to create a portal between the two worlds.[5]

According to her sister Hagetta, Hagatha once was very beautiful, ("Men traveled across kingdoms to woo and court her.") but dark magic changed her appearance.[6]

Relationships Edit

Hagatha has a younger sister called Hagetta, whom she taught about witchcraft. They parted ways shortly before Hagatha died because Hagetta wasn't interested in dark magic.[7]

Hagatha is the one who cuts out Evly's heart and turns it to stone so she doesn't need to feel her heartbreak.[8] After Ezmia is poisoned by Evly, Hagatha finds her and nurses her back to health, taking her on as an apprentice.

Quotes Edit

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References Edit

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