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"Granny Pearl" (real name: Elsa) is an original character from The Land of Stories series from Our World. She appears in chapter 11 of A Grimm Warning. Conner and Bree tell the ticketing agent in London that they are traveling with her as their guardian as not to arouse suspicion, and end up actually taking her with them to Monte Carlo.

Appearance and Personality Edit

"In a far corner he saw a very elderly woman sitting ina wheelchair all by herself. Her hair was teased up into a large pouf and she had a full face of makeup on. She somberly stared at the floor as she held a purse and small suitcase in her lap."[1]

As Conner and Bree take Pearl along, she appears to be a little confused and senile, and they assume she only speaks German. However, when they are almost discovered, Pearl turns out to speak English perfectly and helps them continue their journey. She says she went along because she felt like having a little adventure, and tells them about the time she went on another adventure as a young girl and met her husband, a circus clown named Fabrizio, on the road.[2]

Quotes Edit

"If you don't tell me your names, I'll never have to tell anyone where I saw you."[3]

"These days peole act like love is an island- they all want to swim to it but no one wants to get wet."[4]

References Edit

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