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"She lived up in the mountains in the heart of the woods in a tiny house that could be best described as a cottage, if such a thing still existed. It was a long journey, a few hours by car, but the twins loved every minutes of it. Their anticipation would grow as they traveled up the windy roads and through the endless tress, and when they crossed a yellow bridge, the twins would excitedly exclaim, We're almost there! We're almost there!" [TLOS I, ch. 1 p. 19]

Grandmother's Cottage is a small cottage in the woods, where Alex and Conner's grandmother would pretend to live when they visited. At the end of The Wishing Spell, Alex and Conner find out that she is the Fairy Godmother and does, in fact, live in the Land of Stories when she is not travelling between worlds.

Inside hangs a watercolour painting. It depicts the Ugly Duckling Pond and is a portal to the Land of Stories. The cottage is sunk into the Ugly Duckling Pond after the twins activate the portal[1].

"Grandma's cottage is at the bottom of a pond! How are we going to explain that one to her?" [TLOS II, ch 9, p. 128]

References Edit

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