This is my fanmade idea for a third book, I tweeted to the author about this idea, but decided to change it. Plot: A dark spirit haunts the twins a year after their second adventure. Now 13, the twins can't wait for 7th grade. The new girl in school, Dana Miller, hates fairytales and enjoys science, math and history. The twins decide to show her TLOS but she believes it's just a dream. Her mother, is believed dead, but she is actually the Good Witch of TLOS. At the second time she visits, it's in a vision/dream where she meets her mother and she tells her about the Evil Spirit.

And its Dana's spirit who visits hermother in the vision telling Dana "A darkness is rising and a battle between Evil and Good will rise apon as, each side predicting the fate of the world. You and the twins are chosen to slay the Evil Spirit and save whats most dearest to your heart"

Later the twins and Dana meet Dana's mother who knows all about spells and witchcraft. At first just because her mother is, Conner thinks Dana is a witch. But then he realizes that they are chosen.

Also, Dana has a crush on Conner she never tells anyone(except Alex) about. And I think she fits perfectly in the story.

There wil be many things like death of beloved characters such as Froggy and Porridge, and they die of pretecting and fighting for whats right. And things such as a first kiss between Dana and Conner, and saving eachother and a lesson to "never give up." And the twins meet their father's spirit who helps them but gets defeated and Dana's mother dies protecting her daughter. But in the end everyone gets their happily ever after like any fairytale would have. And on their journey, the twins and Dana meet a knight the twin's age who Alex developes a crush on. And Alex describes it as their own Battle of The Barona from Narnia. I decided to change the title to The Land of Stories: The Final Battle or The Good and The Bad. The author could use the plot if he wishes. And he could call it whatever he wants. I am just a fan. Dana's father is a movie producer, wanting Dana to become an actress. Her mother, Elizabeth Miller, is a witch while her father, Scott, is a fairy and never told Dana. They both came from TLOS and fell in love at a very young age.

Dana is a fairy sorceress, a very powerful fairy with beautiful elegant wings. Dana and Trollbella are enemies, for Dana really likes Conner.

Her strengths are planning things through, reading maps, and humer.