"It was perfectly symmetrical and smooth, as if it were made out of sky-gray porcelain. Three prominent towers in the middle of the palace shared a base with a gigantic clock large enough for the whole kingdom to see. The palace almost seemed fake, it was so majestic, and was grander than they had ever imagined."[1]

Description Edit

Cinderella's Palace is in the Charming Kingdom. It is described as being very grand, and Alex gets quite emotional seeing it for the first time.

The Ballroom : "The biggest chandelier they had ever seen, with thousands of candles, hung from the ceiling above an enormous dance floor. Hundreds of formally dressed men and women filled the space. Some mingled on the sides while others danced to the music by a small orchestra in the corner. Everything from the archways to the accents on the wall was golden. A grand staircase descended in the back of the room just behind two empty thrones."[2]

Queen Cinderella's Royal Room of Display : where Queen Cinderella stores keepsakes from her past. Cinderella sometimes visits it to clear her head.

"The display room was a wide chamber with white pillars and a sky-blue tiled floor. The ceiling was domed and covered in golden stars. The room was illuminated by moonlight coming from a large window in the back and then reflected throughout by a series of hanging mirrors." [3]

Displayed in the room are Cinderella's brooms and buckets, the rags she used to wear that were changed into a ballgown by the Fairy Godmother, and a family of mice that are offspring of the original mice that were transformed into horses for her carriage. The main display is Cinderella's Glass Slippers.

Charming palace gardens : Where Alex and Conner say goodbye to each other before the Fairy Godmother closes the gateway between the worlds in The Enchantress Returns.

"The Charming garden was home to an exquisite display of yellow roses, pear trees, and a hedge labyrinth. It was a beautiful place to say a distressing good-bye." [4]

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