Charming Kingdom

Cinderella's Castle is the home of Queen Cinderella, King Chance Charming, and Princess Hope Charming. It is located within the Charming Kingdom.


It is located in the capital of the Charming Kingdom. Every month the king and queen give a party to celebrate their mariage.

Their is only one entrance and that is at the end of a loooooong staircase. In the stairs the words "Here lost Cinderella here slipper with a star." At the end of the staircase their is an entrance with an long corridor with red loper an the grond. Their are also portraits of the former kings and the Charming Brothers . At the end of the corridor the balroom is. An gigantic room with two thrones. Behind the thrones there is a staircase to the first floor. At an other corridor on the ground floor their is an museum for CInderella with her slippers and a mini palace for the children of the mouses and her dresses when she was a maid. On the first floor the privet rooms of Cinderella and Chance are like their bedroom, the babyroom for Hope Charming, the diner room and a kitchen maybe. The second floor is for the gigantic clock. You can see the whole kingdom out of the clock their are many mechanism.


It is build almost 500 years ago and is believed to be ruled by the same family the whole time.


The symbol of the palace and the kingdom is an glass slipper.