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Capitaine De Lange is an original character from the Land of Stories series. He first appears in the Prologue of A Grimm Warning. He is part of the French Grande Armée. His superior commander is General Jaques du Marquis.

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De Lange is not physically described in the books. He follows his orders dutifully, and is well-aware of his superior's ruthless methods (but nonetheless does not question him).

He and Lieutenant Rembert are the soldiers who kidnap the Brothers Grimm in 1811. Once through the portal, he joins General Marquis on his quest to Pinocchio Prison and the Snow Queen, and is part of the attack on the Charming Kingdom, in which a large part of the Grande Armée is defeated. General Marquis blames him and Colonel Baton for this defeat, and shoots them both in the foot, causing them to fall into the pit where the dragon is being hatched. They are eaten alive.[1]

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