Chris Colfer at the Brothers Grimm gravesite in Berlin, St. Matthäus Kirchhof Cemetery, 15 sep 2013

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Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, often referred to as "Brothers Grimm" (die Brüder Grimm) are historical figures from the 19th century, mostly known for their published collections of fairy tales and folk tales. For more on the real brothers Grimm, go here.

The brothers appear as fictional versions of themselves in A Grimm Warning, where they are friends with Mother Goose and the Fairy Godmother, getting their writing material from them. They are kidnapped by General Marquis and forced to reveal the way to enter the Land of Stories. Mother Goose devises a trick to delay Marquis and his army for 200 years, and the Brothers Grimm hide a time capsule with a message in fairy tale form to warn the world, to be found and opened 200 years later.[1]

Appearance and Personality Edit

The brothers are not physically described in the books. In the Prologue, Mother Goose mentions her nickname for Wilhelm: "Willy".[2]

They try to hide the identity of the Fairy Godmother and the existence of the Land of Stories for as long as they can, but ultimately have to give in when threats are made to them and their families.

Their graves, are described in chapter 5. Conner says he is surprised how plain they are, as he expected "flashier" graves.[3] (see also: St. Matthäus Kirchhof Cemetery)

Quotes Edit

"They spread the story across the land, from one generation to the next, hoping the tale would eventually reach someone who would recognise it for what it was- not a fairy tale, but a warning in disguise."[4]

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References Edit

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