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The Boy Who Cried Wolf is the main character from Aesop's fable of the same name, about a boy who liked to raise the alarm and pretend a wolf was coming, and who was then eaten by a wolf when he raised the alarm for real, because everyone thought it was a false alarm again.[1]

As a character of the Land of Stories, he is only mentioned as having a memorial statue in Red Riding Hood Town.[2]

His story, however, is also discussed in Alex and Conner's world, when Mrs. Peters asks her class to discuss the meaning behind well-known fairy tales. Although it is generally accepted that the moral of the story is about not raising false alarms and the importance of honesty, Conner says it is about "high expectations" and that the boy just wanted to have a little fun.

"Maybe if his parents had kept an eye on him, he wouldn't have been eaten, I think the story is trying to tell us to keep an eye on our kids - especially if they're pathological liars."[3]

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The Boy Who Cried Wolf is a fitting citizen of the Red Riding Hood Kingdom, as this region is mentioned as having a big "wolf problem". The fairytale is usually not connected to the story of Red Riding Hood.

References Edit

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