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Anneliese Campbell is an original character from The Land of Stories series. She is mentioned in Beyond the Kingdoms. She was Bree's grandmother from her father's side of the family and passed away "a few years ago".[1] She is a distant relation of Wilhelm Grimm.[2]

Appearance and Personality Edit

Anneliese Campbell was born in Germany and moved to the USA to live in Conneticut with some of her relatives. Bree's mother says she used to be very secretive about her life from before she met Bree's grandfather, Stephen Campbell.

Bree finds a box of correspondences between her and her cousin Cornelia Grimm in their attic. Cornelia mentioned how Anneliese left the house they shared together afters he married, and how this "isn't what [Anneliese] intended would happen when she moved to the United States". What exactly Anneliese did intend as she moved remains unclear, but it is revealed that she was frighened of magic and purposefully did not tell her husband and children that she was related to the Grimm's and had some magic in her blood.[3]

References Edit

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